Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The condo is looking pretty naked. Art, gone. Furniture, gone. Books, bar cart, Scrabble board, gone, gone, gone. It worked out perfectly that BW's cousin, E, is moving to the Twin Cities to be none other than... da da ta da... an English teacher! Thanks to her willingness to take our stuff, we won't even have to rent a storage unit while we're gone. AND she just got back from doing her student teaching in Slovenia - how's that for compatible?!

Getting the condo ready for renters has taken a lot more muscle than I'd expected. Aside from the standard packing and cleaning, we repainted most of the whole 758 square feet (thanks to Coach for helping!), made a lot of minor repairs, and are working toward polishing all the floors.
Painted ladies!

We even hired handyman Russ (Amazing Husband Handyman Service) to do things we couldn't, like replace a breaker and glaze a window. Nice guy, and interesting. He went to school for music in Manhattan and played in a symphony in Mexico a while back.
Lastly, I've been trying to eat whatever is in the freezer and cupboards before we move out because my parents drilled into me that wasting food is akin to arson or extortion. So this was breakfast two days ago:

Next stop: an overnight in Minneapolis for our first anniversary and then a few days at BW's parents' home in Burnsville, as well as his cousin's wedding. Looking forward to some time with the W clan!
Love you guys!

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