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Minnesotans + Czech culture = Czechesotans.

We are American expats living in Prague and trying to pronounce four-hundered-and-forty-four. (That's čtyři sta čtyřicet čtyři.)

He's a chef and she's an educator, and we're both parents to the fluffy gal below. We are also going through the domestic adoption process here in the Czech Republic and hope to be matched in 2017!


  1. Hi Czechesotans!:)

    I like your posts about Prague and I find them smart and helpful. I found your blog while browsing the Internet and searching for information sources for foreigners coming to Prague and expats living in Prague.

    Tony’s Alternative Guide to Prague (as it is called) is my free time project - electronic guide book through Prague on which I have been working with my girlfriend Inka. The idea to create a guide book came to my mind two years ago. While traveling around Europe I always wanted to see places which were visited by locals, not just touristic, overcrowded and expensive places. When I tried to find some tips like that for foreigners coming to Prague I was not successful.

    So I decided to make an electronic guide book which would be for anyone who wants to see the real Prague. I tried not to write it only for one sort of people but to offer something to backpackers, art and music lovers, history and architecture enthusiasts but also beer fans or to someone who wants to spend some quiet days in beautiful Prague parks. Moreover this book is a good opportunity to merge few things I like - discovering new places, writing, photography and web design.

    Our intention is to offer a maximum honest guide with no advertisement and without any financial contribution from any commercial subject. Many blogs/facebook pages are posting tuns of superficial observations but too few are like yours - when you are interested in something you go deeper. And I would say that is our style as well. We do not inform only about different cafes which have good coffee and tasty snack but we choose those places which can tell some stories. That is why I think you and your blog followers could like our guide. 

    It’s already finished but only in Czech language. If you speak Czech I can send you the Czech version of the guide book but now we are trying to get some money in crowdfunding campaign for professional translation. So if you don't speak Czech, please help us to get some funding for the translations and as soon as we have the e-book translated we'll send you the English version for free. 

    We would be very glad for any opportunity of sharing our project on your blog and among your friends, if you like the idea and the book, of course :-) And we gladly be helpful with anything we can be helpful with.

    Here is the link to the crowdfunding campaign:

    Here is the official web:

    And facebook page:

    Thank you very much for your time. We appreciate it very much!

    Antonin and Inka

  2. Hi Czechesotans,

    It seems like you two have blend in with CZ better than I ever could, so I have one impossible mission for you:

    Exactly five years ago, end of January, 5am, Mlada Boleslav.

    I have just arrived at the main Bus Station from Serbia tired as hell (Belgrade to Brno, then Brno to Prague, Prague to Mlada Boleslav, with 2 huuuge bags, go figure out how I felt ...). Anyway, I was looking for the Bus that goes to Jicin. For me, at that state of mind, it was like looking at Klingon inscribed titles.

    One young beautiful girl, from Minnesota (If I remember correctly, but US citizen for sure) helped me A LOT then. Due my tiredness I think that I was acting like complete idiot. I never forgot, never forgive myself for that.

    So, it was around 5am, she was going to work from Mlada Boleslav (as English teacher in elementary school in one small city not far from Jicin) and I just want to say THANK YOU and SORRY if I have acted like an idiot. Last five years I have spent trying to find her - no luck. Mostly because I did not remember her name :(

    Maybe it sounds funny, but I really need to cross that on my list. My e-mail is vladimir.stoiljkovic AT gmail.com, if you ever find her.

    Thanks in advance!

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