Foodie Tour Part 5: Vienna and home

Friday, October 25, 2013

Renting a car for our road trip initially seemed surprisingly cheap, but with all of road tolls and gas spend on curvy, hilly routes, it ended up being equal to what train travel would have cost. However, without the car, we wouldn't have been able to visit a handful of Istrian villages or stop in Vienna on the way home.

Although we didn't have time to properly tour the Austrian capital, we did have a couple of hours to fritter away on its incredible 1.5 km-long outdoor Naschmarkt food market, which I really wanted BW to see. If he tells you that we could have spent more time there had I not gotten us ridiculously lost in Vienna, tell him ER says that's preposterous.

The market didn't disappoint with its piles of goodies from every shade of the color spectrum. I think I drooled on myself more than once.
Any fruit you can think of was dried and sold at this stand
So not amused 
You can pickle just about anything and stuff it with cheese
A fleamarket was next door; we didn't spend long there
Fruits and veg as far as the eye can see; I felt healthy just standing by it
One of the dozens of outdoor food market cafes
In summary, it was a super trip. Would we do the car rental thing again? Probably not, unless it was absolutely necessary. It's nicer to chill and let someone else manhandle the transport. 

Would I write 5 separate posts about 1 trip next time? Hopefully not; sorry if this felt like a vacation slide show! 

Would we visit a place based on the whims of our stomachs again? Absolutely :)

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