Leave me in the meat case

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

UPDATE: Since writing this, I've been told by Czech and long-time expat friends that it's generally NOT okay to have dogs in grocery stores. I guess we just assumed that it was fine since she's allowed everywhere else, we carry her/have her ride in the cart, and there are no signs on the door of this particular chain banning dogs, which is usually the case for non-dog-friendly businesses. Apologies!


Six years in the United States and I never once set foot in a grocery store. 3 months in this place and I'm freaking Lassie of the deli aisle.

Actually, it's not too bad when mom and dad pop into the supermarket and I'm with them; I usually get a treat out of the deal. I like the bread section because it smells nice. And little old ladies digging for the softest rohliks ooh and ah over me.

The dairy area is not my favorite because their are 147 different types of yogurt and it takes mom and dad forever to choose. And they spell it "yoghurt" here like the British, which looks like "yoga hurt," and that's just silly.

I stay in the cart so I don't pee on anything. Can you spot me between the ground beef, beer, bananas and drain cleaner? I wonder if I could pop a wheelie in this thing.

Sometimes mom and dad giggle at the Czech products. Pickled sausage and onions, anyone?

Mmmmmm... the meat case. What I wouldn't give to roll around that thing for a little while. I could go for a pork pillow and a brisket blanket right about now...

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