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Saturday, November 9, 2013

We're going to the school's Can-American Thanksgiving celebration tonight, armed with a sweet potato dish and deviled eggs. The administration is cooking 3 monstrous turkeys for its Canadian and American employees, though anyone can come who wants to. Around 110 people are signed up.

BW was tearing his hair out this afternoon trying to find the ingredients he needed. The first two grocery stores didn't have sweet potatoes; he couldn't find brown sugar anywhere; and in the absence of graham crackers, he bought a cinnamon breakfast cereal to use for crust. 

And then to top it off, three eggs broke on the way home. Not normally a big deal, but Czech eggs are a little smelly. They also are brown with red stamps and have bits of feather and gunk stuck to them. Farm fresh!

From Czech chickens

Here's BW in our messy kitchen. Apologies for the crappy cell phone pictures!

So much labor to cook "American"
And now the trick is to carry the food to the metro...
A snap from our walk to the red line
...and onto public transit without spilling/dropping anything!
Escalator fun

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