Boxed mayhem

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If you had to jam your most prized home items in a pallet of cardboard boxes, what would you choose? We didn't really know either, and despite judiciously putting things in "take", "maybe", and "leave" piles, I think we may have ended up packing some things we really didn't need to (i.e. a foot-high garden gnome and an entire Ziploc of curry powder). Thankfully, my mom was here for four days last week and helped us with organizing our labyrinth of a basement as we started to box things up. Thanks, Sue!

Simultaneously trying to pack for an international move AND show our condo to potential renters does not a sane person make. One hour, we'd have this tangle of mayhem:

Like how I used a filter to make it seem more ominous? :)
...And then I'd get a call that our rental agency wants to show the place, so I'd have to make it look like this...

2 hours later!
Thankfully, our shipping dude is picking up the boxes tomorrow, so the now-you-see-it-now-you-don't pack job won't last too much longer. Here's our stack thus far:

We have a lot of stuff.

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