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Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm trying to catch up on Czech news before heading over so I don't come off as an ignoramus. A few notable media blips...

The devastating flooding in central Europe in late May/early June was international news that many of you  saw:

Courtesy of

And then there was the recent bribery scandal in the Prime Minister's office:

Prague Summer: A Tale Of Corruption, Spying, And Sexual Intrigue That Brought Down A Government

In lesser-known international news...

- the Czech track-and-field team is "dominating" in European meets
- it's been proposed that Speaker Miroslava Nemvoca become the country's first female Prime Minister (thanks to the scandal and PM resignation posted above)
- the Czech real estate market is solid (and expensive), with half of foreign buyers in Prague being Russian
- the county's first set of quintuplets was born in early June 
Alexandra Kinova, AP

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