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Friday, July 19, 2013

Even though J-dog is ill or gets a shot every time she has a vet appointment, she still loves going to see Danielle, Dr. Eric and the rest of the team at St Paul Pet Hospital. When we meander down Dayton Ave. from our place for a visit, J takes her sweet time, pausing to water every single tree and announce to squirrels in her line of sight that if I wasn't on this leash, I would own you little rodents! As we approach Western where St Paul Pet is located, her butt goes into super-waggle and her floofy white tail starts to helicopter, squirrels and tree-pee completely forgotten. Today, her minuscule and muscly 10-lb. self literally pulled me right through the door as she strained to greet Courtney and chill with her hospital homies.

Today's appointment was for a Distemper shot and blood work to verify she is heartworm-free so the Czech Republic will allow her in. Our last visit will be on Aug. 1, when she gets all official paperwork finalized and a pill that will make her drowsy for the flight. Thanks to the St Paul Pet family for helping us through this process!
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