Bad Ikea, good views

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We finally have Internet! That being said, moving to Prague isn't all dumplings and beer; living and working in the EU's Schengen zone requires a fair amount of patience and groundwork.

In the past few days, we've visited the Foreign Police, the public notary, the bank, the public transportation counter, the Foreigners' Integration Center, etc. We've also been to Ikea twice, which is every bit as chaotic as Ikeas are in the USA, only now we can't understand the signage.

What the...?
Our last Ikea trip was nuts. We wanted to buy a bed frame. After numerous mishaps, language confusion, a return, a crashed computer system, steaming ears, a mislabeled sign and 2 hours in a customer service line, we got our bed frame. Needless to say, we ended the night in an outdoor wine garden called Havlickovy Sady, which was absolutely lovely.

J taking in the view at the Vicni Altan wine garden
J's view

We've also made time for more exploring; here is the photo evidence:

Wading through tourists on Charles Bridge
Flanked by a gate-ful of locks; lovers put them there and throw away the key to ensure an eternity together
Cafe Louvre: Where Einstein and Kafka hung out
More tourists and and a castle view
This thing by artist David Cerny is going to haunt my dreams
The old Catholic churches like their bling
We walked up a hill through Petrin Park...
...and then back down through the "Old World" part of town, as Ben called it
Marionettes abound; this one looked especially lecherous
Just a few modest homes along the riverbank. Note the "Fred and Ginger Dancing House" on the right.

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