School whirlwind

Friday, August 30, 2013

School started and life has literally been a slightly overwhelming whirlwind. Navigating 89,623 trainings and meetings whilst trying to set up a classroom and actually plan for the 6 different classes I'm teaching is not for the faint of heart. Apologies for not being in better touch with family and friends; sleep is not even happening right now. Thankfully, BW has been an amazing source of support and care - this gal is lucky to have him as a life partner!

Despite the challenges, many colleagues have been beyond helpful and I love the ethos of the place, which is a lot like my old charter school in St. Paul. The focus is on the "whole" child and a lot of deliberate emphasis is put on developing the social and emotional competencies of the kids as well as the academic arena. This is all done within the parameters of a Christian ethos, though only about 15% of the families who send their kids here are religious. It's an interesting dynamic!

The building itself is idyllic...
What you see when you enter the front door - I love how plants are everywhere in schools here

Patio off the student lunch room

Courtyard below the patio - and underneath there are a bunch of ping pong tables

My messy, unfinished classroom - *sigh*

I have entire wall of windows overlooking the Dejvicke area of Prague! Soooo much nicer than my window-less classroom last year!

Front of the school. My room is 3 flights of stairs up.

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