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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Three weeks in, we're feeling pretty settled into our new abode. Here are some shots of the digs.

The outside makes me think of a big, peach-colored wedding cake.

Inside the front door it's pretty tame but the marble keeps things nice and cool.

We live on the first floor and therefor don't use the glass elevator but I may ride in it one day just because.

The little area sandwiched between buildings behind us is pleasant enough, save for a few garbage cans. This is our kitchen window.

The neighborhood is stellar. Here are a few shots of what's nearby...

Pointy Namesti Miru (Peace Square)

Divadlo na Vinohradech... unfortunately, all the plays are in Czech

Riegrovy Park, where the expansive playground doesn't allow dogs. But they get their own tie-up post!

More Riegrovy Park - this is a hill where people flock to watch the sun set over the city

The Prague Metro - we have 2 lines near our home, so we're well connected

Wenseclas Square is a 10-minute walk away

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