Meeting new colleagues and, hopefully, Gary Oldman

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I went into school yesterday to work and my fellow English teacher, Michigan, invited BW and I to a pub to meet some colleagues returning from their summer holidays. Many were just getting back from places like Taiwan, Israel, Spain, etc. Mr. and Mrs. Michigan were recovering from taking the trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing with another couple. I think they said it was 6.5 days in one little train compartment together!

Anyhow, everyone was really nice, and our one beer turned into more, and Jayda was thrilled by all of the attention, and I think I'm going to love working at this school.

We've also spent time with some of my past Prague colleagues; in fact, we're meeting some today to go hiking along the Berounka, a tributary of the Vltava River, before the Fall chill hits.

Otherwise, we're keeping busy.

BW has been working at home and out of cafes.

J-dog has been making friends.

I've been getting ready for school. Think I could wear this on my first day with kids?

And, according to the media, Prague is shutting down a metro line this weekend for filming a Ridley Scott movie set in Stalinist-era Russia, starring Gary Oldman. The deets are HERE.
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