Worth the blisters

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ben's 3 words to describe Prague thus far:
Majestic. Exciting. Different!

I'm surprised he didn't say "overwhelming" because of the learning curve that's required to adjust to a non-English locale, but It's true that this place's sheer beauty and captivating history are the antidote for the occasional annoyance, such as not knowing how to ask a clerk to break a large bill for change for the tram. (Yeah, that happened today.)

Our feet are hamburger because we've done a LOT of walking the last 2 days past the major tourist sites and around our new 'hood. Very worth the blisters! Some photographia...

36,853 tourists watching the Astronomical Clock chime 

Jayda and BW on Old Town Square -- a seriously head-swiveling place!

Feeling miniscule inside St. Vitus Cathedral

...and outside the Gothically-wondrous St. Vitus

Sucking air on the many Prague Castle steps

A $2 meal in the Riegerovy beer garden

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