Out of the red carrier

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The journey from Jayda's point-of-view:

Monday, Aug. 5:
Mom and dad smooshed 3 big suitcases, 2 carry-ons and me into a rental car and we drove through construction and rain to get to Chicago. I wanted to be on mom's lap for the whole ride. We stayed in a Day's Inn near the airport with like 14 Little League teams from South America. Dad returned the rental car like he was told to and then found out we could have had it overnight. So the nice Avis man gave him half off.

Tuesday, Aug. 6:
We took a cab to the post office in the morning so mom could mail something called an "M-Bag", which ships books and documents internationally for a flat rate. We walked the 1.6 miles back to the hotel because mom and dad wanted to "tire me out before the flight", but it was humid and warm outside, so I barely would walk at all and made them carry me. After lunch, we went to the airport, i had my last pee, and then I had to stay in that stupid red carrier.
Mom and dad gave me a pill to make me doze off. Well, that didn't work and I was up almost all night! But it did chill me out so I didn't get too scared. The best part of the whole flight was that I ended up getting my own seat from Chicago to Warsaw, Poland. And the flight attendants even let me have my head poked out of the bag! I also went to the ladies' room a few times to stretch my legs.

Wednesday, Aug. 7:
We flew overnight, and when we landed in Warsaw, I got to go outside for a while. I was really sick of my carrier at this point. Once back in the airport and on the puddle jumper to Prague, my chill-out pill must have worn off because I got scared and shaky on the plane. Mom had to spend some time holding me in the restroom, and everything turned out fine.

My first night in Prague has been im-paw-sibly awesome; there is a pet store 2 blocks from my new house and other doggies everywhere! This was mom and dad's first Prague purchase - pivo for them and food for me!

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