Auf Wiedersehen, American friends

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

After a wine and olive oil-filled roadtrip through Austria, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland and Germany, ChiroK and DJ made their way back to Praha to drop their rental car off and hang out for one last night before flying home. We spent their final European evening wandering through the lamplit streets and along the shimmering waters of the Vltava. Since then, it's been gray and drizzly, so we're glad the night was so temperate and tranquil for our guests.

It just so happened that Prague had its annual free museum night while we were out, so we dropped into the Goethe Institute where we saw a photography exhibit and took a "Learn German in 10 Minutes" lesson. A few days later, I remember that "pineapple" is "ananas" in German... and that's about it.

We were sad to say goodbye to our American friends but grateful for the time we had with them! We hope the trip was monumental for you :)

Here's a blurry snap of the National Theater at night; I thought the pictures was kind of neat even with it's fuzziness.

The Goethe Institute is in a stunning Art Nouveau building

Ich heise Martina Navratilova... (In our German lesson. Note the bottle of wine on the table.)

A German photography exhibit

The Memorial to the Victims of Communism in Prague
Can you spot our travelers on Charles Bridge at night?
A kiss to seal their magical Euro journey!

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