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Sunday, September 15, 2013

I got up at early o'clock in the morning on Saturday to direct a Romeo and Juliet rehearsal with my students... and BW attended his own playpractice that day, too. More on that below the fold...

Saturday was my school's annual welcome picnic for students, staff and families. It was held at the Junior High/Primary campus north of Prague, nestled in a curve of the Vltava River. Attendees bring a dish from their home country, the school provides burgers and sausages, and everyone digs in and then attempts to play sports, canoe, etc., with very full bellies. BW made "American hotdish" while I was at rehearsal, and every last bit was eaten.

A looooong spread of international food

Delicious cherubek from Turkmenistan
The magnificent view from the campus

The building on the right is an old mustard seed factory; how appropriate! :)
We showed our Minnesota pride...

...and we ate more of these plates of food than I care to admit
Back to BW's play involvement... On Friday night, we went out with my old buddy Logos and a bunch of his acting friends; he owns an acting company in Prague. They really, really needed someone to play the golem ( in their play next weekend, as the they felt the guy they had cast wasn't tall enough. BW, having had a couple of pivos and feeling very agreeable, said he'd do it. So, late Saturday afternoon, BW was practicing for his 5-minute Prague theater debut in Elixir:

I will for sure post a photo of him in a golem suit unless he can convince me otherwise :)

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