Rainy ride

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Too bad the kayak-loving Ma R. wasn't in Prague last week; the Canoe Slalom World Championships were north of Prague. We'd intended to cycle to them but ended up running into road construction so opted instead to do some sightseeing by bike in the city.

We started with the gardens of Wallenstein Palace, which now houses the Czech Senate. It was built in the 1600s by the calculating general Albrecht von Wallenstein; he constructed it to rival Prague Castle and was assassinated by Emperor Ferdinand II for being too ambitious.

BW and the bikes
Pretentious peacocks roam the gardens

Yeah, it's pretty nice

Headed toward the Senate

One of 47 dozen statues bedecking the garden


The "Grotesquery," a drippy limestone wall

The construction that blocked our way to slalom supremacy
 Afterwards, we took a drizzly refreshment break in the Mala Strana area and found ourselves next to some sort of a middle-aged group of Scottish punkrocker guys. They were wearing "Good Night White Pride" logos on their clothing, which is a German movement to oppose hardcore punk neo-Nazis.
Love the colors of the part of town
The Scottish punk dudes just kept coming and we kept getting drizzled on
 Finally, we ended our ride in the Havlickovy Sady vineyard area. It really started to rain, so we took the metro partway home.
Headed for a hot shower at home

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