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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Grunts and roars were BW's lines in his theatrical debut last weekend. He played the Golem in a production by Blood, Love and Rhetoric Theater on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Between having to collapse on stage and getting carried off by Rabbi Lowe and astronomer Tycho Brahe, he's full of bruises. But it was a hilarious scene and he did a great job. I was even persuaded to fill in for a member of the Emporer's harem in the play on Saturday night. Here we are, partially costumed:

The cast is getting ready "backstage" in this photo:

And the fuzzy picture below is from the production itself. (BW wouldn't let me post one of him in action.) Wouldn't you know... the guy front and center is from Montana. We were at the pub after the show and he mentioned that his favorite bar in the world is a place called Moose's in Kalispell. I couldn't believe it; that's where my grandma always wants to go for pizza and beer when we visit!

The theater, Malostranska Beseda, was on the top floor of a building right below Prague Castle. The window views from it were excellent;

This week, BW is helping with kayaking practice at the junior high school... maybe he should wear the Golem outfit?

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