Foodie Tour Part 2: Rovinj, Croatia

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The plans we had to camp in Croatia dissolved in the scads of rain that ended up falling incessantly. We hightailed it through Slovenia under ominous grey clouds to get to Rovinj before dark and find accommodation that would keep us dry.

Picturesque even in gloomy environs

Thankfully, we spotted an adorable family-owned pension tucked into a side street. Two other couples staying at the pension, Americans and Poles, were drinking wine on the balcony and invited us to dinner with them. We nodded like bobbleheads after having eaten Czech rohliks (breadsticks) and Nutella in the car all day. It ended up being a raucously fun night and we got to indulge in truffle pasta:

The next morning, which brought some sun, we wrapped ourselves in Croatian culture:

Peppers at the Rovinj markets
The city still functions as an active fishing port, though the biggest trade is tourism 
Ancient buildings dip right into the water
St. Euphemia's Church sits atop the city, named after a martyred young woman who floated ashore in a sarcophagus in the 6th century

Navigating the winding streets
Kids outside a school
Where St. Euphemia washed ashore

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