Foodie Tour Part 3: Rovinj again

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yeah, yeah - the last post was about Rovinj, but I had to post more pictures because there's just too much eye candy to keep trapped in our hard disc.

We visited the city on the tail-end of tourist season; a lot of shops and restaurants had already closed. In fact, the campground we booked (but never used due to rain) was the only one that took guests past Sept. 30. Could we swim in the sea? No. Was the nightlight amazing? Nope. But we got what we came for - tremendously good food, tranquility, history and the chance to dip our toes into an unfamiliar culture.

Fun facts about Rovinj/Istria:

= The Plague wiped out many of Rovinj's inhabitants in the Middle Ages

= It's an international destination for nudists; there are establishments and beaches that cater to them

= For almost 500 years, Istria was a part of Venice, which is just across the Adriatic

= All Roman emperors have owned olive groves in Istria

= The largest truffle in the world was found in Istria (19.5cm long, 12.4 cm wide and 13.5 cm tall)

Stare-down with a seagull

Just another apartment

I thought "cistern" meant "toilet." I googled "cisterna" and it's a flattened membrane disc in the nervous system. It's also a city in Italy

Getting J to stand still for a picture is like herding cats

We ate a picnic lunch of wine and Burek (phyllo and meat pastry), and this was our view

Yet more winding streets. The center is car-free

Spooky but lovely

Best. Pizza. Ever. We'll never eat Dominoes or Little Caesars again 
Goodnight, Rovinj!

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