Stunning under sagging skies

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The grey, runny skies have been interminable these past couple days, as has the clammy chill that seeps right through your boots and jeans and clogs your sinuses. One could get bogged down by the gloom, but I like to think of Prague's spires as holding up it and off the city, like poles in a tent.

Despite the crummy weather, we've been out and about as usual. BW packed a couple of umbrellas and he and Jayda met me after school for a pre-dinner walk through the Vysehrad castle complex, which is only one metro stop south of our neighborhood. It was established and made the royal residence of the King of Bohemia in the 10th century, but legend has it that the mythical Princess Libuse forsaw Prague's grand future from the very spot centuries before that. In the mid-17th century, it served as a military fortress. Today, it's stunning, even under sagging, charcoal-colored skies.

The ethereal innards of Vysehrad's Church of St. Peter and Paul

BW navigates the church's slippery steps

A bunch of famous Czechs are buried in Vysehrad's cemetery. It didn't allow dogs, so we didn't poke around

Steps leading from the fortress down to the River Vltava
We didn't really "do" Vysehrad by exploring all of the buildings and the cemetery; we'll go back another day to give it a proper go.

On a crappy note, my lingering cold turned into a hacking cough after wandering around so much in the rain. BW went to a local Lekarna (pharmacy) and bought me what the pharmacist recommended: Mucobene. Grossest medication name ever! It comes in little packets of powder that you mix into water; it has a fizzy/lemony taste.

J-dog was also not a huge fan of having to bathe after our wet walk; we put her grimy little body straight into the bathtub upon arriving home...

...and her face reminded me of some statues we saw in Vysehrad:

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