Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yessssss! (Fist pump, fist pump!) The transformer we ordered just arrived! We are doing the transformer dance!

Okay, BW is not as excited as me about a hunk of electronics that converts 110v items to 220v, but I am ecstatic. A number of our American possessions, from my hair straightener to our camera battery charger to our Kitchenaid mixer, wouldn't run with a simple adaptor.

Most of all, though, I have been desperately wanting to iron clothes that are still wrinkled even after hanging for a month, thanks to being shipped in boxes via water freight to Europe. My work wardrobe has been 60% unwearable. Yes, we could have bought a new iron, but we got a reeeeally nice one for our wedding and I want to utilize it.

In other boring domestic news, our landlord replaced our kitchen windows, which left much of our unit infiltrated by a thick blanket of white construction dust.

This required us to eat out with friends for a few nights in a row...

However, the new windows are beautiful and absolutely more heat-efficient!

Now to find a crockpot, which don't seem to exist here...

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