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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Relatives in proximity to us:

1) BW's German cousins, near Cologne

2) ER's cousin Liv, an hour out of Linz, Austria

3) ER's Uncle D, working in northern Poland on and off for the next year

Guess who just visited...

If you chose Liv, you get a gold star! She emailed on Wednesday to see what we were doing this weekend, and by Friday, she was on our doorstep.

It was a whirlwind weekend - dinner party, tourist sites, charity concert and improv comedy - and Sunday she hopped a train back to Austria, where she will be teaching English to German-speaking students for the year.

People who met Liv assumed she'd come from America to visit for a while and were surprised to learn she's a fräulein living eight hours south of here. What a gift to have family nearby!

(Please excuse some of the poor-quality pictures. We can't charge our cameras right now and the phones don't take great photos.)
BW introduces Liv to Czech beer... the goulash was delivered shortly after
Night at the Roxbury!

Liv and BW found some giant worms...

...and we hung out with giant babies
Peacing out at the Lennon Wall
We found Prague Castle... made out of gingerbread!!

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