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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Regardless of how much we're learning about history/art/culture here in Prague, BW and I both admit we feel like numbskulls on a daily basis. Not only is the language super confusing (even for someone like me who's been here before), but also we make cultural gaffes on the regular. Here are a few gems:

We recently discovered that we've been washing our clothes in fabric softener for the past 3.5 months. Yep. We now have honest-to-goodness laundry detergent. (Justification: I used Google translate and saw "laundry" on the bottle, so I thought it was detergent.)

We went to a Jake and Dinos Chapman art exhibit on Friday at the Rudolfinum, a very classy, ornate music auditorium. We walked into the gallery with our winter coats on, ready to get cultured, when a stern little old lady made us visit the cloakroom and drop off our poofy exteriors. Following rules is very important here.
The Rudolfinum
Art: Beastly little children
Mixing up our numbers is another faux pas we haven't completely gotten past. It's always nice when you ask for 2,000 grams of sliced salami rather 200, which is what you really want. 
Deli meat is prolific here
Finally, Jayda's been allowed in nearly every eating/drinking establishment we've visited, but tonight was the first time a waitress insisted I put my coat under J on the bench so she wasn't actually touching it. I hope I haven't been impolite all the times I haven't spread my coat under our furry gal. 
Can I have a beer, too?

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