Vysehrad revisited

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our wool gloves have come out of storage; it's getting flipping cold here. And dark. It's literally dark by 4:30. But with winter comes mulled wine, Christmas markets, time off work, holiday parties, etc. Not a shabby deal!

Before the snow hits, we figured we'd better make a trip back to Vysehrad, a former citadel with over a thousand years of history and a celebrity-grade cemetery just one metro stop from our flat. We'd last wandered through the area in October and the skies emptied on us; you can read about our first, very rainy visit, HERE.

Our second visit was, thankfully, illuminated by sunbeams and good vibes.

We could see our neighborhood from the outlook (at the top of where the stone wall ends).

The next photos are from the Vysehrad Cemetery, where many Czech artists, writers, composers, politicians, etc., are buried.

These shots are from inside St. Peter and Paul Church, next to the cemetery:

Finally, here's BW in front of the sculpture "Ctirad and Šárka," two characters from Czech legends. According to Wikipedia, the sculpture was originally at Palacky Bridge, where we go to the Farmers' Market, but it was moved to Vysehrad in 1947, as the bridge was heavily damaged during a 1945 US air raid.

This place gets a gold star.

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