Orange you glad it's comfy?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our "new" furniture arrived in all it's groovy, orange glory. "Very 1960s," said our friend Frenchwoman last night upon seeing it, "and comfortable; I feel as if I'm in a retro lounge."

That's good, right?

Our landlord picked it out, but we both like it. It IS nice to sink into.

Another friend, Scottishwoman, said her rental furniture is orange, too. Maybe this is a Czech thing? Must ask Czech friends, none of whom have orange furniture.

I don't know much about Czech interior design, but I do know that Prague was the most important center for Cubist movement outside of Paris in the early 1900s, prior to WWI. I like Cubism, with its sharp angles and abstract-ness. There's a whole cafe - Grand Cafe Orient - in Prague in its original Cubist style and it's stunning, save for rather unremarkable service.

From the cafe's web site
If I had limitless means to furnish our flat, I'd go all-out Czech Cubist. So the furniture would probably look like this:

Pictures from random Czech Cubism web sites

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