Arrived in Barthelona

Friday, January 3, 2014

Cousin Lv and Seahawk made it on the bus to Berlin, and we made it to Barcelona (where the Catalans pronounce Ss with a lisp). What a majestic place... And pleasant with 50-60 degree temps!

No coat in December
Already attacking cafes (the only places we can get internet)

BW is a bit of a giant here; he calls our cozy little homeexchange flat a "hobbit hole" because his feet are literally off the end of the bed. But the place has a rooftop terrace overlooking our neighborhood and big, sunshiny windows.

We visited a local market this morning with Jayda, where we found farm-fresh eggs and warm, crusty baguettes. This afternoon, we've been milling around the gothic quarter. A few iPhone shots:

Bon Dia!

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