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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hey all! We've entered an expat blogging contest; want to help us out? 

1) Click on this badge and read our new post, "10 Ways to be a Better You in Prague":
 Expat Blog Awards 2013 Contest Entry

 2) Leave a comment that is 10 words or more. You'll have to give e-mail verification to do so, but they won't publish or use you e-mail. It's just to track responses.

3) Accept our deepest e-gratitude! (I'm giving you a virtual hi-five right now.)
Sorry- no pictures on the contest entry; I didn't realize that until after I'd written the post. Thanks for giving us a boost!

BW: How can we win this contest?
Cousin Liv: Offer shiny Czech coins? Or beer.

Me: Winning this blog thing would be a WAY better present than the huge hunk of Toblerone a student dropped off. (And that was a pretty rad gift- just a little hard to gnaw on.)

J-dog: I'm so excited! My parents are applying themselves!

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