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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Amelie" is one of my favorite movies (and the soundtrack is stellar, too), so when we entered the threshold of our latest home exchange - in grand Paris - my heart did cartwheels. Red walls! Funky tile! Quirky artwork! Perfectly mismatched furniture! Books upon books upon books! BW opened the fridge and melted all over the figs and cheese and courgettes. Oui!

Had we been elsewhere, we could have easily boxed ourselves in to this curious place and spent 6 days staring at its lovely innards. But, well, this is Paris, and we have bigger poisson to fry.

Forgive the iSnaps; we'll put our nicer Nikon fare up when we return to our computer in Prague. In the meantime, here are a few from our first day-and-a-half in the City of Lights...

Reeeally excited to be in the Eiffel's vicinity

Entrance to the Place de Vosges, which was built by Henry IV

The outside of Notre Dame...
...and the inside

River Seine scenery
A French woman offered to take this- how kind!
No, that's not BW and friends; those are Rodin sculptures
As Amelie would say, au revoir for now. We're putting our tired tootsies up, cracking some wine and planning a route for tomorrow. 

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