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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I get lots of outings but mom and dad actually remembered to bring the nice camera on this one, so my cute mug is back on the interwebs. We went to a magical place that has American-style bacon and books in English; it was almost like being back in Minnesota! Except I wouldn't be allowed in a cafe/book shop in Minnesota.

Here's my 'hood, where we were waiting for the tram. It's practically like America, too, because you can see Starbucks, McDonald's and KFC. Those three places account for 90% of the litter on my street. It's no fun having to hop over a french fry box the size of my head!

And here we are having lunch at the Globe with - you guessed it - another American family. Mom about flipped when she saw they had real pancakes (not crepes) on the menu. "MMMMM, THR GRD," she said, with her mouth stuffed full of syrupy-carb happiness. Dad had an omelet. And beer. Together. Blech. I wonder if there were woofles on the menu...

After lunch, dad went to watch a football match with some Scottish men whose accents I can't understand. So mom and I had girl time. We wandered around the bookstore...

 ...and outside, I struck my best "head-cocked-with-vacant-ambivalence" model pose for the camera.

Mom let me stop and sniff at a sausage stand on Wenceslas Square for a bit.

And we took a final picture in front of the Art Nouveau Grand Hotel Europa, where some guy named Kafka apparently had one of his first public readings. Kafka, schmafka. Take more pictures of me!

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