Bobbing around Prague

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

UncleD is the lovable roughneck with the handlebar mustache and Harley gear. He's working offshore near Gdansk every-other month.

AuntD is the tall Native gal with the perma-grin, unflappable spirit and sparkly fingernails. She flew in from Michigan for a visit.

Together, they make two incredibly fun visitors, wanting to bob around the Prague environs like corks in a pool. No pressure to "see it all"; we found lots to do just by drifting through the city, and it was so pleasant.

On the train, headed for a chateau
There was the Konopiště Chateau, a 2.5km walk outside of BenešovKonopiště was where Archduke Franz Ferdinand made his last home prior to being assassinated in Sarajevo and triggering WWI. It was packed with taxidermy - Franz was said to have shot over 275,000 animals around the world - and a gargantuan armory collection. We couldn't take photos inside.

It turned into quite a soggy day and we had only 1 umbrella between 4 people... Until we dug a broken one out of a trash can and had 1.5. Classy all around. We ended up taking a taxi back to the train station.

One little corner of Konopiste showing through the trees

They look darn near royal
And then there was Petrin Hill. This time we had our thinking caps on and bought some umbrellas at a tacky souvenir shop. So we had a watery walk with wonderful views and topped it off with a foamy treat at the end.
Rainclouds over the pretty city
I think he likes it
There was stuffing ourselves at Marina Grossetto, an Italian place on a boat. Wet hair and dog and all.
Lots of life preservers - just in case
And of course there were lots of stops at churches, cafes, monuments, pubs, etc., to cool our heels. A few pictures from our bobbing about:
In Hlavni Nadrazi (main train station)
Breakfast at the iconic Cafe Louvre
The Art Deco bar at Obecni Dum
With the umbrellas down so as not to impede the view
Inside the Carmelite Church of Our Lady Victorious, where there's a famous infant Jesus statue
Beautiful bank 
Almost 40 years of marriage! Awwwww
Thanks for visiting, and enjoy Cesky Krumlov/Austria/etc.! Xx


  1. The views of Prague are fantastic and gorgeous and beautiful, and I will probably say that a million more times on here. Thanks for sharing your photos! Looks like you had a great visit despite the rain. :)

    1. Many thanks from a very amateur photographer, Marina :) It's actually kind of nice when it rains a lot here because it gets the grit off the sidewalks - and there are lots of cafes to hunker down in!

  2. Those Prague colors really pop on the grey rainy day... who knew? And re: umbrella in the trash, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. By the way... I've nominated you for a Liebster award :))

    1. Cynthia, this is such an honor coming from such a superlative blogger as yourself! Really glad to have found out about the other two you nominated, too. Thank you!!


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