Hairy start to Budapest

Thursday, May 8, 2014

We (BW, Frenchwoman and I) arrived in one piece to our home exchange in Budapest!

Reasons we should not have arrived in one piece to our home exchange in Budapest:

1) Car that our friend Frenchwoman rented had a big gash in tire and we had to wait for the agency to fix it, losing a half-day's travel time

2) J-dog was given a whole sausage by a well-meaning Czech waiter the night before our trip and had stomach issues on the drive we will refrain from writing about. Thankfully Frenchwoman's rental car stayed clean

3) We stood on the Hungarian border for what seemed like ages, waiting to purchase a required vignette (road permit)

4) The journey was heaped with road construction

5) We forgot things - BW's sunglasses, my camera's SD card (thank goodness for fancy phones)

6) GPS sent us driving in circles around a crowded city center, wanting us to go the wrong way down a one-way street to our destination

But we made it. And it's marvelous! And our eclectic home exchange flat is smack in the middle of the action and is floor-to-roof full of books, albeit in foreign languages. Frenchwoman dropped us and went to see friends she'd met while teaching in England, and we put our sightseeing goggles on.

A few sights from the first half-day:

- Central Market

- Cave Church

- Vintage store browsing (found an Anthrax jean jacket in this one)

- St. Peter's Basilica

- An amazing page-turning book fountain

- Buda Castle at night

- A Hungarian dog park for J-dog


  1. Replies
    1. It really was a total gem - who knew?! It had a very hip, friendly vibe and loads of green space for a metropolitan city.


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