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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Year 13s' graduation was yesterday and it was splendid - accomplished youth; a sunny day; masterful music; a big lawn... 

...the U.S. Ambassador's lawn, to be exact. 

The school had a connection through one of our families, and since I was a Year 13 tutor this year, I got to plant my kaboodle on the piazza during part of the ceremony. 

Couldn't have been more proud of the graduates- even after eight years of being a high school teacher, sending a fresh crop of thoughtful young people out into the world never gets tiring. What a blessing to be privy to such promise and possibility.

I was too busy corralling the kids and pinning grad caps into place to take pictures during the event, but here are a few more from the grounds, pre-ceremony.

See the tables below? After the big event, there was a snazzy "walking buffet" of canapés, along with non-alcoholic cocktails and a carrot cake the size of my bathtub. I ate my weight in that cake. BW was volunteering back at the school during graduation and he was okay with that. Just don't tell him about the carrot cake.

I'm a nobody from a town the size of a jellybean, so this was high rolling in my book. But this is not a post meant for me; it's a post meant to send unconditional love and many years of success (and cake!) to our graduates. May their dreams be bigger and more beautiful than an ambassador's residence times a thousand :)


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    1. No doubt - mine was in a stuffy high school gym :) But no matter the location, it's always such a special day for the kids!

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