One evening in Prague

Friday, June 13, 2014

"36 Hours in Prague" by the New York Times...
"24 Amazing Hours in Prague" by CNN Travel...
There are bowlfuls of articles on the internet touting brief trips in Prague. But what if a visitor has only one evening?

Ma and Pa R and their friends the Ns swung through the Golden City for one short night on their way to Italy. Having not seen my parents for almost 11 months, it was hard to have them for such a short stint, but our quick visit was dynamite and they'll be back in a couple of weeks, when school gets out. 

So what did we see in our few hours in the city? Well, knowing that they'll be back soon, we didn't cram castlesquaresbridgegardenschurches all together. Instead, we drank in a couple of sites while the sun set and had a proper Czech feast. 

We started under the horse's tail at Wenceslas Square...

 ...and then circled around to the other side for a group pic.

We made our way U Dvou Kocek. Good beer, yummy food - just don't accept the tourist-aimed aperitif ripoff at the end.

Even Jayda got into the action.

We continued on to Old Town Square and had a quintessential photo snapped in front of the Astronomical Clock.

And after a quick stroll through the square...

...we escalator-ed it home.


  1. This is my idea of a perfect fly-by trip. There's nothing worse than an exhausted tear through a new city!

    1. Agreed! Dinner, beer and some pretty scenery are enough for a night, especially after flying overseas. Thanks for commenting!


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