Pre-flight stamps and a starfish snack

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Here I am with dad at the Frankfurt airport, traveling in a sleek, red getup; I require only the utmost in stylish accommodation when I jet-set. We journeyed back to the United States last week so I could be doted on my grandparents.

The only problem was, my ruby-red doggie valise didn't exactly fit under the Condor Airlines seat, even though it was less than regulation size. Mom and dad were aghast at the lack of legroom on that particular airline; dad's knees were jammed up against the seat in front of him the whole flight - and you had to pay for movies. I do believe a discerning little traveler like me necessitates slightly more enhanced facilities.

Before I flew, a number of steps had to be taken to ensure my fuzzy bum would be allowed to travel. First, we went to my fantastic doctor at  Veterinární klinika Galeé for a check-up and stamp of health in my EU pet passport. Then she sent me to the Municipal Veterinary Administration of Prague to get another stamp. 

The municipal vet lady said I needed yet another stamp that mom didn't know anything about, so then we hoofed it to the local post office for that. Oh, it's so demanding being a worldly wanderer. 

Here's the final stamp. The lady stamped this stamp to verify that the stamp in my passport was a valid stamp. Makes perfect sense.

Wahoo! I'm ready to travel!

Finally, on the way home, we were in the vicinity of one of our family's favorite junk/antique shops, Bazar P&J, so we met up with dad there. If you need a set of crystal aperitif glasses, or some roe deer antlers, or Czech motorcycle magazines from the 1950s, come here.

And what did I buy? Well, I stuck my sniffy noggin in a box of seashells and dragged this dried-up starfish out; it smelled like a jerky treat. To my own chagrin, I got testy and growly about letting it go. Dad tried to pay for it but the nice people behind the counter were laughing so hard they could barely tell him I could just have it for free.

And off we went to America!


  1. weeeellllll, this is just the cutest. Jayda is such the worldly wanderer! so glad she took a moment to share with us ;)

  2. Sorry if you posted a comment in this thread and it disappeared! I transitioned to Disqus comment management and comments on this post and the next post went missing in the process :/

  3. Such a cute puppy! Love the starfish story!

  4. Jayda is so cute. She looks like a dog we used to have that was half shi-tzu and half ... maltese? Her name was Snuggles.


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