Friends are good for jetlag

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jetlag: (n.) A disagreeable physical and mental effect akin to feeling like you've been
     i. swallowed by a timeless wormhole,
     ii. sucked dry of all ability to sleep and
     iii. spit back out in a state of bleary confusion

Or at least that's what BW and I felt like our first week back to Prague.

The first of several nights we were wide awake at 3 a.m., I Googled "How to get over jetlag" in desperation and landed on the National Sleep Foundation's webpage. Apparently jetlag is worse when you travel East, and one of the best things you can do for your body is get into the sun so your biological clock resets.

Thus, it was perfect that our buddies the Nordeasters were waiting for us in Prague when we landed; their excellent presence made us get out into daylight for tromps around the city. Had that not happened, we more than likely would have spent hours crouched in our dark flat like the Gollum.

*     *     *     *     *

The Nordeasters, who are avid record collectors, got engaged on their European trip (yay!) but are so fussy about their individual record collections that they're not certain they'll commingle them in marriage. Thus, it was fitting that we walked to a favorite antique shop to peruse the vinyl. Mr. Nordeaster bought 3 - his only souvenirs of the trip.

And Miss Nordeaster found old journals - half-blank and half-filled with sketches and pressed flowers, from the 1930s. What a glimpse into the past!

Of course I made them pose for a quintessential Charles Bridge pic.

An outdoor cafe had tables made of old sewing machine bases.

The Lennon Wall. That is all.

Kisses in Cafe Louvre.

The Kafka Museum was really well done. A must-see for literary geeks everywhere. Just prepare to feel a bit melancholic and existential.

A trip to good ol' Letna Park is the best way to relieve tired tootsies.

And before we knew it, it was night again. Another night where we chased sheep rather than counted them.

But we were so glad to have these two far-out friends here, and it was sad to see them go. Especially when they do things like eat invisible hamburgers. Or play invisible harmonicas. Whatever; I need sleep.


  1. So true! The best way to chase jet lag in the first few days is definitely to get out there and do things! I know a big one for me is having to wake up in the morning, if not I'll sleep until the afternoon! And I love your photos of Prague! And I really can't believe it about those old journals, what an amazing find! xx

  2. I've heard from other Americans that jetlag is so much worse when flying
    back to Europe after visiting the USA. Trust you're both fully
    recovered by now. Certainly there's nothing better than a beer in Letna
    Park to aid recovery ;-)

  3. You are right - getting out is the best way to beat jet-lag. I always try to get out no matter where I'm traveling to and from.

  4. And it's so hard to do that sometimes when you're knackered :/ But, hey, traveling can't be all gumdrops and roses all the time :)


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