55 Czech kilometers = ouch

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our bikes tend to gather dust, as we don't use them a lot in Prague because of bumpy, teeth-chattering cobblestones. So when colleague TheFlyingDutchman organizes a bike ride through the countryside, we try to tag along. This time I went without BW because he had a play rehearsal he couldn't miss. It's challenging getting up at 6:45am on a Saturday when your partner is still nestled under the warm covers, snoozing!

Our group set out from the Rajska Zahrada metro stop, bound for lunch in Poděbrady and then Kutna Hora.  We ended up with 6 teachers and 3 students - and TheFlyingDutchman's wife, TheLibrarian, in a helper car.

Most of the way was paved, though some of the roads were pretty gnarly and I felt like I was competing in the Paris-Roubaix. Lots of rotten apple squishing beneath our tires at times, too.

This particular ride wove through many villages; so quaint.

Our lunch point, Poděbrady, was a pleasant little spa town with a lot of royal Czech history. TheFlyingDutchman said it's famous for inventing tweezers, too. (?!) 

After 55km, we were pretty hungry. The unfortunate restaurant we chose to patronize had insipid soup, undercooked chicken and what tasted like instant coffee- and the waiter grumped at us for not having exact change. 

After lunch, the group set off for Kutna Hora (30km more) and I went looking for the local train station so I could make it back to Prague in time for BW's play. 

Truth be told, my backside was so sore by that point, I don't know if it could've handled bearing my seat weight the rest of the ride! 

Before hopping the train, I dipped into Poděbrady Castle; it was throwing a small wine festival. 

The courtyard inside had a special Euro-themed art display of rotating hearts painted to symbolize the countries in the EU. I paid 50kc ($2.50) for entrance, which included a wine glass to take home and a voucher for a glass of wine! 

George of Poděbrady, King of Bohemia, was born here in 1420. Today, it houses a languages college, a pension and a music club, among other things.

I traded my voucher for a glass of something white and crisp and then walked my bike along a greenway to the train station as the seat now felt like a Medieval torture instrument.  

It was over an hour back to Prague, so I settled into a cushy chair and made sure my bike tire poked out just enough in the entryway so I could keep an eye on it.

I may have been okay with the seat being pilfered, though. 

With Chasing the DonkeyPack Me ToA Southern GypsyThe Fairytale Traveler and Ice Cream & Permafrost for the Sunday Traveler linkup.


  1. That sounds like a fun but challenging day. I really love those heart statues!

  2. Ohmygosh! What a loooong ride, I don't think I'd ever manage it all!

  3. This looks so picturesque, fun and beautiful! It makes me want to learn to ride a bike again. (It's been at least 20 years so I'm not sure I can!)

  4. I'm afraid that our bikes, which we used to occasionally ride around the Oxfordshire countryside, have sat unused in our cellar since moving to Prague six years ago. I certainly don't think I'd manage 55 km now. However, I can still walk decent distances, carrying a back pack as well, so I can't be that unfit :-)

  5. 55km before lunch is about 54km too many for me. That is seriously impressive! A glass of wine sounds like the perfect reward though. I really like the hearts in the courtyard. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!

  6. what a fun excursion! and i love those hearts.

  7. It was fun, even with the sore seat :) I love how surprises (like giant rotating hears) pop up whenever you travel.

  8. Cheers, Adelina! I think even 1km is a good enough excuse for a glass of wine :) Thanks for providing the linkup; I'll definitely be back.

  9. Ricky, you're probably more fit than most people my age! I'm still in awe of your walking journey. Well done, you!

  10. Ha ha! You can get to Podebrady by train very easily, too :)

  11. 20 years? Whoa! Get back in that saddle! Just not for too long or you'll suffer like I did ;)

  12. We rode at a pretty relaxed pace, so it wasn't too bad. Some shorter rides beforehand would've been good, though!

  13. I loved them, too- all painted like different European countries. I <3 the EU! :)


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