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Thursday, September 11, 2014

After spending well over a month in the US, BW and I are, ahem, sporting a little more of ourselves. In other words, my pants don't fit. 

Don't start in with McDonald's stereotypes and such because we're American. We don't do McDonald's. Rather, we ate things friends and family lovingly prepared for us - like raspberry coffee cake and mint sugar cookies - because we were home. And everyone we visited wanted to go out to eat - a lot. My molecules get pudgy just thinking about the cannelloni, pancakes, crab legs and reubens we shoved in our maws. 

Since returning to Prague, we've been doing a lot of fish/veg dishes/soup, but when we got invited by the TyVoles to Burgerfest, we couldn't say no.

In the end, we actually only spent about 5 minutes at Burgerfest; it was sweaty-hot, packed and requiring 30-minute waits in line for burgers. (But I did hear that it was fun later in the more temperate evening, with musical performances and shorter lines.)

Before leaving the grounds, though, I snapped some photos. Burgerfest was held in the Výstaviště fairgrounds, which hosted the General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891.

A building I'm eager to come back to on the grounds is the Lapidarium, which houses Czech statues from the 11th to 19th centuries, some of which have been on Charles Bridge.

And Průmyslový Palace's Art Nouveau design is lovely up-close.

We ended up going to a restaurant called Palanda for burgers and waiting an hour for our food - ironic, no? I was so hungry I dissected and scarfed my red-wine-and reblochon burger down before thinking to point my camera at it. It was tasty. But the fries were my Achilles Heel - oh, ye gods, they were perfectly julienned, fried and seasoned. 

Afterwards, we had coffee around the corner in a small square - and the young TyVole, miniMacklemore, left to go run a 10k in the center of town. Yes, after eating a giant burger. Teenagers. The rest of us enjoyed the coffee and greenery and company.

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  1. That palace reminded me a lot of that one train station in Holesovice but then I realized you were somewhere else completely! It's hard to know which festivals are going to be winners or not, but I'm glad you got your burger in the end. Mmmm burgers....

  2. Oh I have such a problem with festivals like that because it's always packed and crazy queues! But they are always interesting for people watching and this one looks gorgeous, with all the amazing architecture in the background!

  3. I can so relate to the pants not fitting problem! Since we've been back in the States, not only have my meals become supersized, but so have I!

  4. yum! burgers are my weakness. okay, fries. fries too. ;)

  5. Mine is fries; I could live on them. And sushi, but that's better for the body!

  6. It's the inevitable. In the States, to stay my same size, I have to make an effort to exercise at the gym and mind what I eat. In Europe, I don't exercise (but walk/hike a ton) and eat what I like. Go figure.

  7. Yes, very true! We're headed out for a neighborhood festival this afternoon and I'm wearing my most comfortable shoes in preparation of long lines!

  8. They had veggie-variety burgers, too! Yes, some festivals here are amazing and others are packed/empty/pricey/confusing/way too inebriated. The good outweigh the bad, though. If you haven't been to the Cross Club by Nadrazi Holesovice, I bet you'd love love it.

  9. I just love burgers! But i really recommend you to visit the Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant, because they have the best food ever ( delicious and healthy)

  10. So gorgeous! I had brunch there about 8 or 9 years ago and loved it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. You're welcome!


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