Waterlogged commute to garlic soup

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

BW got cussed at on the sidewalk for almost nicking a woman with his umbrella when a gust of wet wind bent a couple of the spokes and sent the thing flying. Commuting with the hopeless contraptions that are cheap umbrellas is a comedy of errors. 
Peeking from beneath a broken umbrella
We need to buckle down and purchase some steel-grade parasols with wicking material so we no longer soak-cum-annoy fellow metro passengers. The red getup I bought in Thailand two years ago might be cute with its anime bear decals, but it likes to spring open at unfortunate times. 
Wet umbrella on metro. #commuterproblems
I guess it's no surprise that the Czech Republic experienced major floods in 2002 and 2013. It's literally been pouring for three days straight with no reprieve; we've gone to work under weepy skies and went back home under weepy skies, and when J-dog needed to go out at the blasted hour of 3:30 a.m... those skies were extra weepy. Completely waterlogged the bottoms of my pajama pants.

Hot soup is a good remedy after slogging around on Prague's extra-wet sidewalks - especially the Czech traditional česnečka (garlic) variety. 
It tastes better than it looks
A cozy nook of a restaurant helps, too. We had our garlic soup in Kulový Blesk, a fun little haunt only a block away from our flat. It has vintage Czech movie posters and stills bedecking the walls. 
According to Google Translate, that title means "Thawing". Which is what we were doing.
The sausages and beer list were nothing to sneeze at, either. Makes sense; the place is often packed.
Hungry BW
The place is known for its selection
Let's hope for some sun and dry toes now, shall we?


  1. Yes - the weather has been awful just lately. Nothing like it should be for late August/early September. According to the forecast, it is meant to improve considerably over the next few days.

    It is worth investing in a decent umbrella rather than the cheap,flimsy ones you describe, which blow inside-out or break, whenever there is a strong gust of wind. Mine cost me nothing - I chose it from one of several that have sat unclaimed in Church for several months :-)

  2. you're fun. i want to read more of your writing. mooore! give me MORE. okay. happy friday!

  3. Gah, the weather was godawful earlier this week-- it's hard to believe it's turned into this current loveliness. (Which reminds me... why am I inside?) Cesnecka is THE thing for days like that though, yumm. I think it's my absolute favorite Czech food. Maybe more than trdelnik! Loved the wet umbrella on the metro photo-- real life stuff.

  4. I love Cesnecka, too! Yay, garlic breath! Seriously, I think it's probably superfood.

  5. Aw, thanks, Annie! I love reading your writing, too :)

  6. I think I need to visit your church to scam an umbrella, Ricky ;) Seriously, it would be great to hear another one of your sermons. What a fantastic adventure you've been on with Sybille - hopefully the rain didn't hamper you too much on your journey!


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