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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The center of Prague right now is a happy maze of starry-eyed people, grilled sausages, twinkling lights, wooden stalls, mulled wine and a behemoth, baubled tree to anchor the whole sparkly spectacle. It's superb! 

True, this only our second Christmas season together in Prague, but nonetheless, we have carved out a couple of routines to make the season merry and bright when we're so bleeping far away from home.

We "write" our Christmas cards on As most of our friends and family are back in the USA, it's a lot more affordable to have them printed and mailed through this web service. We choose some pictures for the front, type a letter on the back, enter a bunch of addresses and - voila! Cards are done. (And there's a 40% of sale on right now.)

We go to Old Town Square to 1) see the big, bright tree, 2) listen to our students sing on the performance stage and 3) drink a hot red wine concoction called svařák, pronounced SVAHR-zhack.

We attend our staff Christmas party, which has (awesomely) been in thŽižkov Television Tower for the past two years. The tower was built by the Communists to intercept radio signals and now houses a glitzy restaurant, an observation deck with bird-eye views and a chic one-room hotel.


We tuck into Deminka, a local Czech spot that has one of the most lovely atmospheres around, not to mention amazing dill soup (kulajda) and fried cheese (smažený sýr).

And we book Christmas travel plans. This year, BW's younger brother will be joining us Dec. 19-Jan. 4 and we'll all be setting off to Dublin, Edinburgh and Glasgow together. Until then, season's greetings!


  1. The tree looks LOVELY this year all lit up!! Prague sure knows how to make the season bright!

  2. You've blown my mind with the creating cards online and having them sent. I'm clearly super dumb for never considering that before!

  3. Lol 'and friend cheese'. I do hope that your smažený sýr was friendly :-) But yes! Christmas in Prague is superb as you've so beautifully illustrated, Em. So I hope you'll enjoy some more of Prague at Christmas time. as well as Ireland & Scotland.

  4. I never considered the Christmas cards online. Great idea! Have a wonderful holiday season

  5. Don't beat yourself up, Polly; I stole the idea from another friend :) It beats the postage from central Europe! :)

  6. It sure does! Prague is rather good at the atmospheric stuff, no? However, the Staromestska metro stop was closed on and off last week, so I hope the tourists were still able to find their way to the tree!

  7. Oooh Dublin, Edinburgh and Glasgow! Great Christmas travel plans :)

  8. Let's hope so! I have snowboots at the ready :)

  9. Aw how exciting! Okay - first I love these photos of Prague all decorated for Christmas - it seriously looks so amazing and magical! Two, so excited for you guys to be heading toward the UK isles - let me know when you're in Edinburgh ;)

  10. Hey Camila, we will be in Edinburgh the afternoon and evening of the 24th, all day on Christmas Day and the morning and afternoon of the 26th :)

  11. Aw! Wish I'd been there ;) Currently in England until the 27th!


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