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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It’s been awhile!

If you actually read this blog, apologies for the radio silence. It’s been a trying couple of months; we have some loved ones back home in difficult circumstances and have been focusing on them. Your prayers are beyond appreciated – as is your positive energy if you’re not a practitioner of a faith!

I’m currently flying home to Minnesota through Holland at the moment to be with said loved ones; BW is staying put in Prague with the pup for now. Inclement weather has my plane circling 15km outside of Amsterdam and therefor my stomach acid is rotating, too. Writing a blog post seems less upchuck-inducing than correcting the stack of 220 pieces of IB English coursework in my bag. So here it goes...

While I’m quite aware that we’re now three months deep into the New Year, I’d still like to present a few of the “new” things we’ve got wind of in our Czech home in 2015. Our expat environs continually cause our hearts to hum like infants who've just realized they have fingers. The amazement! The ingenuity! Here are a few bits we’ve enjoyed finding out about…

We've been enthusiasts of the pop-up Dyzajn Market at Narodni Divadlo and the Fashion Market at Holešovice. And lately, we've stumbled upon other pop-up places, like this one in an empty chateau near the Kafka Museum. I like this flash-retailing trend and it's supplied me with gems such as a locally designed brooch that looks like little black balloons.

David Černy, a controversial Czech sculptor, has avant-garde art all over Prague. However, you can literally see yourself in two of his newest stainless steel installations - and in a literal, not existential manner. The rotating head, "K.", is 10 meters high and 45 tons. Further below, "In Utero" is about 6 meters high and has a lighting contraption in its - er, nether-region, though I've never seen it lit up.

There's a pleasant little cafe setup near the old Šlechtovka summer palace in Stromovka Park that provides a welcome cup of ginger tea on a chilly Saturday morning walk. According to its website, it also rents out sporting equipment like petanque and scooters, and it frequently has events like concerts and fun runs. 

This octagonal church on the edge of New Town is a neat spot to visit. Not only was it consecrated in 1377, but also it boasts an oddity - cannonballs from the Prussian siege of Prague in 1757 (during the Seven Years' War). See the black dots in the bottom-most photo? Today part of the complex houses a Czech Police Museum, which we didn't go into. Another day...


  1. Sorry to hear about rough times with the family. Hope your trip is OK.

    On another note, it's always fun to discover new (or new to you) parts of a city.

  2. Sending you & your family positive vibes!! There is always so much more to explore in Prague. I still haven't seen the nude woman sculpture... where is it? I do really love the Holešovice Fashion markets that pop up every so often... had a great time shopping and crafting at one last year! Actually that whole space in Pražská tržnice is really interesting. I get kind of a Berlin-y vibe from it. Here I have a favorite coffee van pop-up... I appreciate it so much!

  3. I hope your trip home is OK - sorry to hear about the tough times!

  4. Glad to see you're still discovering the good about Prague. I hope you get a little peace when you're at home with your family. Positive vibes to you.

  5. Sorry to hear about the rough times. I hope things get better soon. Have a safe flight and hang in there.. :-)

  6. i hope things are starting to look better back home! anyway, it looks like you've been doing some fun things in prague:-) the mirror sculpture as a concept seems amazing, not too sure about these two, though. and that church looks like a lovely place to visit! xx

  7. Aw I hope things get better - it is so hard to deal with things when you live away! On another note, digging that weird pregnant statue thing!

  8. I hope the trip to the US went well & that you're now safely back in Prague as I think school restarts tomorrow :-( I look forward to having you back in the bloggersphere, hopefully in the not too distant future.


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