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Friday, June 12, 2015

A post by Jayda. Woof.

With mom feeling down this Spring and dad and me tiring of our same walking route, I felt it was time to get out of the city. So when my friend Ferris's mom suggested a rafting trip, I yipped until we agreed to go - even if there was a forecast for rain.

We squeezed four adults and me and Ferris into a rented Skoda Fabia (a smaller car than mom had paid for; I should have piddled on the Budget Rental guy's foot) and drove south to a place called Kemp Vltavan.
Skoda Fabia RS
Our friends set up tents in the drizzly weather and we (thankfully) had rented beds in the dining hall-cum-hostel attached to the campground. Cousin Liv joined us, too, from Vienna, and I was so happy to see her I did my helicopter tail. It rained all night but I was nice and snuggly-warm.

In the morning, we got rafts and life jackets from Ingetour, and we set off down the Vltava River. See Ferris on the left?

All the humans were bleary-eyed and chilly, but we dogs were ready to party.

We paddled to Český Krumlov and stopped for a shivery lunch. 

But it's never too cold for a pivo!

The afternoon warmed up a tiny bit and here dad is chiding mom for her wanting to take over the steering of our raft, as we seemed to zigzag all over the place. 

Picture with the ladies! I'm the cutest one, no?

Within 5 minutes of reaching our rafting our destination of Zlata Koruna, it started to downpour! We got van rides back to camp and had big plates of schnitzel and played charades.

Would I go again? Two paws up!

The camp on a sunny day (


  1. Sorry, Jayda Woof! Those folk at Bloglovin' didn't send me an email to alert me to the fact that you'd written this excellent blog post. I only found it by accident, this evening. I'm glad you enjoyed your rafting trip with your friend Ferris & please thank your Mom &/or Dad for the brilliant photos. Hope you get another chance to go again when the weather is better.

  2. Kemkem, if you were here I'd let you scratch my belly. (I do that for people I like.) Thanks for reading! *helicopter tail*

  3. That's OK, Rev. Yates! I have been awfully busy playing with my squeaky toys and taking epic mid-day naps. I hope you've been enjoying Prague in the sun; there are so many fun parks to roll around in, no? I'm giving you a big pink-tongue smile!


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