Love, Czettish Scoch style

Monday, July 6, 2015

What do you call a Czech and a Scot who get married? Czettish? Scoch? Intra-European? Really adorable?

We spent our 4th of July not with sparklers and hot dogs, but with our dear friends as they wed in the ornate, 800-year-old St. Thomas Church and then threw a shindig at a restaurant just under the Charles Bridge.

It was roasting outside... so maybe we'll call our Scottish groom and our Moravian bride cool as cucumbers as they looked fresh and full of love and light despite the hot temps. I, myself, was absolutely cooking in my little black dress.

Anyhow, isn't this just a feast for the eyes?! It was a bilingual ceremony. 

Our friends caught each others' eyes at the school where BW and I work, but it was a couple of years before she asked him on a date. Well played.

After the ceremony, per Scottish tradition, we were led by bagpipes out of the church and through Mala Strana (the oldest part of Prague)...

...then athwart Charles Bridge and to the reception. Tourists had a heyday snapping photos!

At the reception venue, per Czech tradition, the couple cleaned up a broken plate together and fed each other soup. Our fetching newlyweds made even a large bib look good. 

Music was provided by the Brownies, a fantastically jazzy group famous for the huge crowds they draw at weekend farmers' markets. The lead singer's voice is simply buttah, dahling.

It was a flawless night, all champagne toasts and duck páté and dance floor hijinx... and lots of love! (And air conditioning, thank goodness!) 


  1. Aw I love intercultural weddings! They are so fun and full of cultures and it's great to see cultures (couples) coming together! And I love nothing more than a man in a kilt :)

  2. Oh how fun!!!! Her dress was gorgeous, and what a beautiful setting!!! Wow! 2 years to ask him out??? Damn...LOL! You guys look really good!

  3. Sounds & looks like a great wedding. What a great idea to walk from the Church, across Charles Bridge, to the reception. Knowing how hot & sticky it was that day, I'm sure you appreciated the air con at the reception. Btw, both you & BW look very good in the last couple of photos


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