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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Oh, how to celebrate Valentine's Day when your sweetheart is not around, when Aphrodite isn't on your side?

Well, I went straight for this:

Yep, I took myself out on a date to one of Prague's sugary Ovocný Světozor (i.e. Fruit Delicatessen) spots near my flat. This chain has an insanely delectable assortment of cakes and ice cream treats. It looks a touch like a Super Mario Brothers game on the inside, but no matter.

I savored a piece of amaretto cake and chased it with a latte. 

The shops are difficult to miss, with their vivid red and green exteriors... and steady streams of customers.

That wasn't my only V-day treat, though; the night before, Art Teacher and I attended a Blood, Love and Rhetoric performance of "A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen, at Studo Alt@. Nothing like a play about misogyny and a failed marriage to ring in Feb. 14! Nonetheless, the lead actress was a talented former student and the whole performance was fetching. 

Blood, Love and Rhetoric is one of the few outlets for English theater in Prague, and they're often doing edgy, atypical takes on old favorites or highlighting lesser-known playwrights (though their take on Ibsen was quite traditional). Studio Alt@ is a gem of a small theater, in what first appears to be a sketchy industrial park in fuzzy lighting...

...but once you pose for a few photographs by the incessant graffiti... enter a cavernous, cozy space filled with theater lovers and ping pong. We also saw a woman getting a haircut there after the play.

So Valentine's Day was not a tragedy, thanks to a play, a pal and a pile of baked goods :)

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