Transitions - big ones!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I saw this quote on a Twitter #edchat recently and it resonated with me:

This Summer has been one of transition on a grand scale. We've traveled as usual, but bigger things have been brewing, things that have made our hearts full but also required a fair amount of emotional and spiritual hardiness.

We've said goodbye to dear friends, as is typical for teaching in an international school environment. It's difficult saying adieu, but we feel incredibly blessed to have met such marvelous personalities, even if only for a short time. (Sorry to those I didn't nab photos of!)

We've moved flats, as our former landlady decided to move back to Prague. It's a shame because we assumed we'd reside in it longer than a year, but we've secured a bigger, brighter one nearby and have nested nicely. There are huge green spaces across the road, good tram connections and loads of cafes - our own little Mayberry in Praha. 

I've changed jobs. Whilst our former school is a special place that does fantastic work with kids, I've been offered a post at another international school that is a significant promotion - it will allow me to use my Ed.S. degree and Administrative license, and to work specifically with staff on Approaches to Teaching and Learning, which is my passion. My students and colleagues were so lovely with send-off notes and well-wishes, and a particular Y12 group even brought a special gift: 

We didn't go home this Summer like we usually do. Instead, we stayed close to our European home (reason below), visiting a couple of within-driving-distance destinations and relaxing at cool Prague spots like the Stalin Cafe/Pub pop-up at Letna Park, at the base of where a statue of Joseph Stalin stood from 1955 to 1962. 

And finally, our biggest transition of the year is... we hope to become parents through adoption! I've hesitated to write about it on the blog because it's so deeply personal and I guess I haven't wanted to to jinx anything as it's a bit precarious undergoing a domestic adoption in the Czech Republic, in a foreign language with unfamiliar legalities. With the help of a supportive translator, a compassionate social worker, helpful friends who've also adopted here, and now a government-appointed adoption advocate, we are on the way. The road has not been without bumps (and paper cuts - the paperwork is massive), but all signs point to an early Spring match at the moment. BW is going to assume the role of full-time dad, which I am grateful that we're able to swing. He is an exceptional nurturer and will be an amazing father. We are so, so blessed to have this opportunity.

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