Time to settle the pedals

Friday, October 28, 2016

Prague's wet, chilly Autumn weather has caused us to hang our bikes up for the season. And by that I mean lean them against the wall in our abnormally large kitchen.

Every year we admonish ourselves for not riding more, though we did clock a fair amount of kilometers this Summer. Truth be told, we should be on our bikes a lot because 1) we enjoy cycling and 2) Prague has improved lightyears in infrastructure for bikes compared with a decade ago.

Bike trails and road paths have appeared around town, as well as signage to mark them.

The cycling webpage for the city of Prague has a lot of information, including maps. I also like to use the Prague Green map for city bike routes, though it's solely in Czech. Finally, I've been reading Grant's Prague Bike Blog for years. He's not posting as much as he used to, but there's still a wealth of information on places to cycle and see around greater Prague.

We like a leisurely spin around the city, with stops for refreshments now and then. This one is just north of the center of Prague, on the right side of the River Vltava.


Our pup rides in a bike bag with us, which can at times elicit surprised looks from motorists and pedestrians.


Once in a while, we'll catch a train out of town and cycle back, or vice versa. Tickets are very reasonable and never more than the equivalent of a couple of bucks.

We always see something interesting, like the Okoř Castle ruins on a recent jaunt. The area was full of road construction that day, so it was unusually quiet, but we were able to get there on our bikes.

So, ciao for now, bikes. It's on to snow boots and mittens! 

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