5-sense Saturday

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Slush, muck, shivers and smog - Prague has been a tad worse-for-wear recently. The city just issued its third air pollution alert this year and formerly lovely blankets of crystalline snow have melted down into gravely grey piles. Indulging the senses among the drollness is essential.


My friend Scotswoman and I TASTED a divine Korean meal at Bibimbap Korea Praha, in the Zižkov neighborhood. Highly recommended; so thrilled to have found this culinary gem.

On our way to meet friends at a climbing park in southern Prague (which ended up being mostly closed), BW and I SAW an underpass filled with tunnel after tunnel of chaotic yet vibrant graffiti. It was near Nádraží Branik.

We HEARD all of the life updates from our dear friends the Brits, who were visiting from their new home in Paris. We're thankful for many a coffee and beer we got to steal with the adults during the week they were here, but we were glad to get the whole family together - four adults, three kids and two dogs - over pizzas and salad at Wine and Food Market in Prague 5.

In the opulent Zofin Palace, we SMELLED remnants of LA Looks hair gel, watermelon ring pops and Bonne Bell lip smackers as our Year 6 students danced a smashing montage of 90s music, in full 90s gear. It was phat, home skillet.

BW and I both FELT the snip-snip and swishy freedom of new haircuts. I was happy with the outcome, even though my tired self doesn't look it in this photo.

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