A Prague Seven Stroll

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The thing about Prague is that you can stroll out your front door every day for a year and still find yourself in a new crevice of the city each time. After 3.5 years of living here, I'm gobsmacked by the newness of it all, in a place that is so old and storied.

Last weekend, what started out as a trip to a clothing sale at a retro cinema in Prague 7 turned into an afternoon wander to a somber WWII landmark, a children's theatre and an eco-fashion market. 
"All walking is a discovery. On foot we take time to see things whole."
- Hal Borland

Bio Oko is one of my favorite places - an independent movie theater that allows dogs, has beach chairs and schedules special matinees for parents with babies/small children. Pal Scotswoman and I met there for a vintage clothing market that ended up being more like 3-year-old H&M stuff, but it was fun.

From biooko.cz
From there we strolled East and Scotswoman suggested we stop by Prague's dilapidated Bubny station. You'd never know it, but this is where tens of thousands of Prague's Jews were deported to Nazi camps. Scotswoman has been in close contact with an organisation called Memorial Shoah Praha o.p.s. who is set to reconstruct the station into the "Bubny Memorial of Silence." I'm incredulous that I've lived so close to this place and only recently found out about it's significance; I'm looking forward to seeing the memorial evolve.

We continued East to the colorful Holešovice outdoor marketplace, where you can buy anything from knock-off purses to nunchucks. Housed in one of its warehouses is the Mint Design and Fashion Market; we popped in for a browse.
From mintmarket.cz

Parched from our perusing, we found Jatka 78 nearby for a beverage and rest. It's a multifunctional theater and cafe space that specializes in circus and alternative performance. That day, there was a children's show on. We didn't see it, but we did see the hordes of littles taking laps around the cafe before it started.

Our final stop was due North a touch, at the cafe-cum-threads store Vnitroblock. It was hosting a sustainable fashion event  and it was packed, but Scotswoman found a pair of boots she's been talking about buying every since.

And then it was back home to a big dinner party that BW had been cooking for friends. Vegan Mexican was on the menu and it was the perfect antidote for tired gams after a perfect Prague 7 day.

From Scotswoman

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