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Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's a good thing neither of us miss having a car, because we're 100% public transportation-dependent now. Here's BW activating our Open Cards, which we loaded with a year's worth of transit for about $250 each:

BW used to spend $250 in one month on commuting gas alone in the US!

Transit aside, our neighborhood is very walkable; within a few-block radius, we have...
- a butcher shop with different cuts of meat than we're used to and big slabs of lard
- a baker with wonderful bread smells 
- stores selling everything from stationary to shoes
- an open-air market 3x per week
- Jayda's beloved pet shop
- cafes, pubs and restaurants
- a vinoteka where, with a plastic bottle and $5, one can get 1.5 liters of decent Czech wine
- a grubby little post office 
- 2 metro (subway) stations and many tram stops
- regal old churches and theaters, etc.

Being that this is a post-Communist place, there is also a lot of graffiti but it sort of becomes negligible when there are so many beautiful/interesting things to gawk at.

Between the walkability and the near- perfect weather, we've been outside a lot:

Grocery shopping at the J.Podebrad Friday market

Being befuddled by David Cerny art in Mala Strana

Hanging with swans along the Vltava River

Soaking up good vibes at the Prague Pride festival

Trampling the cool cobblestones after sundown

Discovering hidden history, like this Jewish graveyard that's not on any of our maps

Taking walk breaks in city gardens

Running errands, like getting my watch battery changed at this clock store

Drooling over yummy Czech sweet roll things called Trdlo
Hopping on and off trams when our feet are shot

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