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Saturday, August 17, 2013

  Two blissful Minnesota events to share...

Happy wedding to Miss L-Bear and Mr. JJ! We'd hoped we could leave for Europe after their special day, but, alas, work visa processing and flat setting-up prevented that from happening. Cheers and blessings to the start of a unified life, and celebrate your tooshes off! We'll be there in spirit :) 
P.S. L-Bear and I met while we were student teaching together in Prague.

And much love to the gorgeous little creature, Baby B, who was born this past Sunday morning to MelKel, who I've known since she was a preschooler, and her hubby, C! We are beyond thrilled for you guys and can't wait to meet the future deer hunter/basketball star/Tiffany's designer -ha! Hugs and kisses to Baby B!

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